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Engineering & Design

We are specialists in Font Engineering and Typeface Design. We stand side by side with innovative agencies, designers and brands. Our Team is there to help you evaluate and analyze what you actually need to fulfill your brief, and we do it in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible. We strive to make a real difference and provide you with an outstanding result through our work.

Font Engineering

There are no awards for font engineering. It is, after all, all at once, complicated, time-consuming and constantly changing. If there does happen to be an error, then this can be extremely costly. So, we’ve got your back and guarantee security and quality. Even with that tricksy topic of Variable Fonts.

Font Mastering

Outlines, Spacing, Kerning, Metrics, OpenType Features and Screen Optimization; all these font mastering services are explained in more detail here.

Mastering and Production case study: The ZDF Corporate Font

Font Production

Naming, Generating, Format Conversions and Subsetting. Further information on these font production services can be found here.

Variable Fonts

This new technology is currently the hottest topic in the industry. Basically, it’s a single file that contains different design variants: weights, widths, contrast, serifs, inclinations … the opportunities are endless. We have both extraordinary ideas and the technical know-how in order to implement them.

Mastering and Production case study: The Hyundai Card Corporate Font

Color Fonts

Color Fonts are still an insiders’ tip. This young format allows you to embed colors, gradients and patterns into the typeface. Innovative Color Fonts will inject some authenticity into your design and make your pitch shine.

Type Design

From the design of custom typefaces to modifications of existing fonts to the thorough and seamless implementation of these across all platforms and applications. We pride ourselves on years of experience and expertise to meet whatever type design challenge you present to us.

Custom Typefaces

Our maxim is: “The right typeface adds more value than costs.” A perfectly fitting custom font solution costs more than an off-the-shelf retail font, but the added value it brings to a branding project is worth the higher cost. Whether commissioned directly by the brand or through an agency, our designers and engineers look forward to a partnership.

Type Direction

Many successful type designers have worked with our Type Director and still rely on what they have learned from him. Andreas Frohloff’s typographic editing can push almost any type design project again to truly decisive quality levels. “Type Direction as a service” is only available from us in this form and may be of particular interest to type designers and foundries, as well as agencies who are working on their own custom font projects.

Design Modifications and Additions

Adjusting existing designs is a time and cost efficient way to get an independent and 100% matching font. Such changes can include: the name, an exchange or addition of characters, the design of pictograms, the development of special OpenType features or the addition of weights and widths.

Language Extension

Our fonts have extended Latin support for all European languages, some even include Cyrillic and Greek. If additional writing systems are required – eg. Arabic, Thai, Devanagari or Hebrew – we can deliver these in a manageable timeframe. We can also implement complex extensions such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean with the help of our local partners.

Logo Design

“Make the logo better” is a line that’s heard more and more often. This can involve a completely new development or a modernization of a logo. What has traditionally been a task for design agencies is also an opportunity for our type experts due to the increasing trend towards typographic-led solutions in branding.

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Further Services

Although our focus lies in Font Engineering and Type Design, we are often also asked to help with other tasks related to Typefaces and Typography.

Whether you have questions about Font Licensing, Training, Typographic support for Branding or Design Projects or need some support for your Foundry, we can help. You can find out even more about our offer under More Type Services.


There is almost nothing that we haven’t already seen in terms of font engineering, type design or other extra special typographical challenges. We stand at your service and would love to help. So what are you waiting for, get in touch.

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