Free Trial Fonts

We know how difficult it is to choose the right font, it is the trickiest of tricky decisions, in fact. To help you choose, you can trial each font in a test version, for free and with unlimited use!


The ‘Trial Fonts’ contain around ¾ of the actual characters and usually no OpenType features. If the full version includes non-Latin languages such as Cyrillic or Greek, these are also included here. The fonts are identified by the name ‘Trial’ and are available in our two standard formats .ot and .woff2 as well as Variable Fonts.

Example of Nikolai’s Trial font: Green = scope, Pink = scope of full version (this represents the minimum scope of all Fontwerk fonts with Latin language support).


The license allows unlimited and free use during the test phase. Both desktop and webfonts are included so that you can design mockups, websites, apps and eBooks etc. and then present to the client without having to commit to the purchase.

Only when it is clear that the font fits and the actual projects go live or are produced, will you have to purchase the full version. This can then be licensed directly in the name of the client (more on licenses).


The Trial fonts are not free fonts or open source software. They are subject to a license agreement that must be accepted. It is not permitted to pass them on to third parties in any form! They must always be downloaded individually by the respective user on