We believe we have one of the simplest licensing models in the industry. If we were sitting in the pub, we could draw it out on a beermat.

Licenses in one click

It’s hard enough to find the right font, so we want to make the licensing as simple as possible. What does this mean? No drop-down-menus, just a license in one click.

Our Standard License has everything you need and can be used for Print, Web, Apps and eBooks. The Extended License includes Broadcasting rights as well as additional Users, Pageviews and Downloads. You pay just once and that’s that as long as you keep within the boundaries of use as stated in the License.



The license allows free use during the test phase. Both desktop and webfonts are included so that you can design mockups, websites, apps and eBooks etc. and then present to the client without having to commit to the purchase. Only when it is clear that the font fits and the actual projects go live or are produced, will you need to purchase the Standard version.
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Our most popular license that includes use in Print (desktop) for one user, use on the Web (100,000 pageviews per month), in an App (1,000 downloads) and eBooks (10,000 downloads). If more users, pageviews or downloads are required, either several Standard licenses or an Extended license must be purchased.


This is comparable to a MUL, a multi-user-license. Extended covers use in Print for 15 users, a total use on the Web (1.5 million pageviews per month), in Apps (15,000 downloads) and eBooks (150,000 downloads). It is also the right license for use in Broadcasting (1.5 million viewers).


For all other situations that are not covered by one of these licenses, an individual agreement is necessary. We strive to deliver them as quickly and easily as possible.
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Further Important Information

Buy on behalf of others

All licenses can also be licensed on behalf of your client. All you have to do is fill in the optional field “License Address”. So, you can save your customer the license work and bill directly. If your own use goes beyond the terms of the Trial license, you also need a Standard license.

Students and universities

The Standard license applies to students, an Extended license can also be purchased for teaching facilities, but at discounted rates. You can find information on this on our special page.

Further questions?

You may find the answer in our FAQ, but if you still have questions, do feel free to get in touch.

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