Noheul Lee
Noheul Lee
Seoul, South Korea

When Noheul Lee looks at the cover of Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” album, she thinks less about their mysterious and enigmatic music, but rather about the design of the cover by Peter Saville that can be described with the same adjectives.

As a fan of his work, she shares the fate of many designers who are less touched and inspired by the content of a product but by its shape.

The Korean book, editorial and type designer runs the Swiss lo-ol Typefoundry together with her husband, Loris Olivier. It was type design that also brought the two together: both studied TypeMedia at the Royal Academy of Art, in The Hague. Noheul previously obtained a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design from the renowned Kookmin University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Sangmyung University in Seoul.

Noheul – pronounced “Noelle” – specializes in multi-scripts font design and is particularly committed to her mother tongue, Korean. Her work has received recognition and acclaim; she won the 6th Bang Il Young Cultural Foundation Fund Competition for her Hangul design of her previous version of Arvana, which is available on Future Fonts. She also received Gold in the Morisawa Type Design Competition for the Latin design of her TypeMedia final font project, Areon.