Loris Olivier
Loris Olivier
Grand-Lancy, Switzerland

For Loris Olivier, typography is a small splash of color in the palette with which we paint our future.

This defining principle has unleashed an enviable talent for trends and experimental type design in the Swiss Designer. He proves this at Future Fonts, among others, where he is active as lo-ol typefoundry with his wife Noheul Lee. So far, he has published three families under this label: Gloubi (2018), Civilitate (2018) and Brienz (2019). The philosophizing designer still has enough designs for ten libraries up his sleeves.

Before he obtained his TypeMedia Masters in Type Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, he studied Art Direction at the ÉCAL in Lausanne. His passion for letter shapes was ignited in 2009 during a calligraphy course with Claude Dieterich in San Francisco.

Loris likes to leave his comfort zone of UI/UX, brand, graphic and type design by working on a project with a friend using CNC controls to cut wood.