Jörg Hemker
Jörg Hemker
Hamburg, Germany

Jörg Hemker is a seasoned expert when it comes to knowing exactly what European companies need in terms of typefaces and branding.

Over the years, he has gained vast experience and has designed comprehensive font systems and logotypes for brands such as Bosch, Blaupunkt, Harry, dm, Metabo and Jette Joop. He also developed communications and branding solutions for Deutsche Telekom, ARD, rbb, Rheinische Post, Fresenius SE, Mainova, Mercedes-Benz, Allianz, Commerzbank, State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia, Würth, Alperia, REWE, Jil Sander … the list goes on, but we’ll stop here due to lack of space ;)

A commonality across all of Jörg’s typefaces is that they don’t ride the latest wave or comply with the newest trend, they are quite simply timeless. Five of his typefaces, FF Zwo (2002), FF Zwo Correspondence (2002), FF Sero (2011), FF Nort (2017) and FF Nort Headline (2020) all appeared in the renowned FontFont library.

He has won pretty much every communication and font design award and accolade out there: DDC, reddot, iF, German Design Award, Communication Arts, ADC New York, amongst many others. Jörg’s motto: Never compete, never compare (Karl Lagerfeld). We are over the moon that he has found a new home with Fontwerk.