Christoph Koeberlin
Christoph Koeberlin
Berlin, Germany

Christoph Koeberlin is one of the most sought after Font Engineers in Europe.

He has polished, finessed and refined typefaces for a number of the top labels such as FontFont, Swiss Typefaces, TypeBy, Miles Newlyn and Grilli Type. Without him the Fontwerk Engineering Team would not be the same. As a very good friend of the company from its inception, he has been a great support to what we are doing and will always have a place of honour in our story.

Proof of his prowess as an exceptional type designer is demonstrated through the fact that his first families, FF Mark (designed in collaboration with Hannes von Döhren and the FontFont Type Department in 2013) and Fabrikat (HVD Fonts 2016) very quickly became bestsellers. At the moment, he is concentrating on his project and in particular, on custom type projects. His exclusive custom typefaces for his favourite team 1. FC Kaiserslautern and for the Bundesliga Club FSV Mainz 05 were very well received by fans and experts.

The father of two sons, he loves to work with others, especially on his beloved typographic knowledge website, Typefacts. All of this mostly takes place in his legendary allotment garden office in Prenzlauer Berg, where in quieter moments, he also thinks about sustainability, chocolate and expanding his record collection.