Hurrah, here comes Koppla

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of the economy. For many months, companies and organizations have had to transform and reprogram the way that they work, often looking at ways to work more digitally. And, it is becoming more and more apparent that German startups play a decisive role in this digitalization because they understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

A desire for all things new

The founders of Koppla have developed a platform for tradespeople that digitally map their processes; from time planning to delivery or the recording of defects. Koppla regulates communication between the office and construction sites and delivers important data—across companies and processes—directly to the site management in real time.

The Corporate Design, Website, Instagram Posts and Koppla Portal are all set in Turbine by the Cologne-based Designer Felix Braden. With its broad proportions, super elliptical curves and close spacing, Turbine embodies exactly what trades and craftspeople require: stability, precision, harmony and of course, a desire for all things new, as Turbine appeared in 2020.

But Turbine wouldn’t be the right font for a digital brand, if it ‘only’ looked good. It is also very well-developed, with seven styles plus italics (= 14 fonts). The eight sets of numerals and the 18 common fractions will delight precision craftsmen, the zero with cross stroke brings extra security, while the selection of ten different arrows point the way ... and because Turbine supports 94 European languages, all doors are open for Koppla—at least typographically speaking—for international expansion.

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