Felix Braden
Felix Braden
Cologne, Germany

© Ines Ruden

The Greek philosopher Thales pronounced: “The principle of all things is water; everything is made of water, and everything returns to water.”

Cologne-based designer Felix Braden also appreciates and recognizes the beauty and importance of the wettest element. His own foundry Floodfonts and almost all of his fonts have a reference to water. His veritable typographic aquarium includes fonts with names such as: Pulpo, Kontiki, Capri, Tuna, FF Scuba, Bikini or Moby. His latest typeface Turbine, which is published by Fontwerk, also fittingly means the rotating turbomachine of a hydropower plant.

In terms of design, Felix’s typefaces have also been very well received. His typeface FF Scuba was recognized in the Communication Arts Typography Annual in 2013 and his typeface Kontiki was nominated for the German Design Award in 2019.

Felix Braden works full-time as an Art Director at MWK Cologne and was responsible, among other things, for the corporate design of Malteser International and the logo design of the Romano Germanic Museum. Previously, he co-founded Glashaus Design and worked with Jens Gehlhaar at Gaga Design. Felix studied Communication Design at Trier University with Prof. Andreas Hogan.

In his free time, rather than pushing pens he sometimes likes to push balls, because he is a passionate boules player. When the weather is not so good, he emulates his role model Rian Hughes and draws illustrations. If he wants a little more excitement, he loves to go to indie and alternative rock concerts.