Font Mastering


Without interfering with the actual design, any technical errors are corrected when checking the contours of the characters.


This refers to the definition of the widths before and after each character and distance from other characters. It’s really important for the gray value of a font.


Certain combinations of characters, e.g. “Ty” cannot be optimally prepared. Numerous kerning pairs are defined individually and with great care, depending on the particular design.


The correction of metrics is essential to maintain a uniform appearance across different platforms and applications.

Screen Optimization

Also known as Hinting. It’s much more common these days for fonts to be read on screen and on mobile devices, often in very small sizes. To ensure that the fonts are crystal clear in all environments, certain parameters need to be adjusted and optimized.


OpenType features are a bit like typographic secret recipes. Different numeral sets, small caps, alternative characters, automatic logo replacements, localized forms; the list of possible tasty dishes is long. Used correctly, you can also save time and money depending on your individual needs.

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Mastering and Production case study ‘The ZDF Corporate Font’