Ulrike Rausch
Berlin, Germany

Berlin Letters is the name of the typography and lettering festival that Berlin-based Designer Ulrike Rausch set up with three other partners, and it could easily be the name of her own label.

But in fact, this is called LiebeFonts and has long been a byword for lovers of handmade fonts with outstanding quality – something that has often been missing in this particular sector. Since 2009, she has combined her creative talent with an extra special enthusiasm for code and sophisticated OpenType features. She was not only one of the pioneers for the script and lettering trend of recent years, she is also a highly valued consultant for clients such as Apple or Adobe, as well as for event organizers, at whose events she is a welcome speaker.

Together with lettering designer Chris Campe, Ulrike recently wrote a book Making Fonts!, in which she passes on her knowledge of type design and font production. Supermarker is the first font that she has published outside of her own label, and we couldn’t be happier that she chose Fontwerk.