Become a Fontwerk Designer!

We see ourselves as a Font Publisher. First and foremost, we are a partner for our designers. We want to give talents the space and time to craft and perfect their designs, whilst we focus on all the other things, like engineering, distribution, marketing and sales.

Are you our next Fontwerk Designer? Perfect. Here you can find out how you can become part of our design team.

Why should I sell my fonts through Fontwerk?

Many designers publish their fonts themselves. However, it has become much more competitive and as a lone voice facing a chorus of others, it is difficult to equip oneself with all the tools and bang the drum loud enough, so that you can stand out in today’s market.

For some designers, they don’t set up their own foundry because they know that the right publishing partner can generate even more sales and so that they can concentrate on the actual design. Nevertheless, they still have high standards for themselves and their partner.

10 reasons to become a Fontwerk Designer

But why should you join us?

  1. You will benefit from our reputation, credibility and decades worth of experience.
  2. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality across all our work.
  3. We put you and the customers first, providing a high level of support at all times.
  4. You get to focus on type design;
  5. But we are there to help you with design decisions and processes, to be a soundboard or a guiding hand.
  6. You can leave the technical, price, distribution and licensing decisions and any additional developments to us.
  7. We will look after your fonts – that’s right, we will keep developing and maintaining them, always.
  8. We will defend your intellectual property for you and take care of all the legal stuff.
  9. We provide first class marketing and distribution to showcase your work.
  10. But, most importantly, we will pay you fairly.

How can I join you?

What are we looking for?

We are interested in all kinds of typeface designs. From a serious workhorse superfamily to the experimental, unorthodox or a totally, utterly radical display font. As long as it is an original design, we would love to take a look.

From the draft letter …

Similar to a book or music publisher, a font designer sends a newly drawn original font design (1) to Fontwerk.

An internal committee (2) advises on the aesthetic and technical quality, on market potential, and on whether the font fits in the library (3).

Fontwerk Submission Process

Illustration A. Roth

… to a succesful font

If it’s a ‘Yes’, a contract is drawn up for exclusive distribution by our label (4), the source and encoding files are exchanged (5) and then, the work begins (6).

The fonts are mastered by our engineering team (entrance tests, type direction, mastering, screen optimization, production and extensive tests and quality control) (7). The fonts are then ready for sale (8), we launch and market them across our distribution channels (9) and gain recognition and generate sales (10) – that’s the plan.

Sounds interesting? Then we would love to hear from you.

What should I send?

Good luck!

How you present your design is up to you. Ideally, the following information should be included: the idea, the font name, sample texts for reading, consultation and signalling text, the scope of the font styles and widths, if available, the scope of the character set and any special features.

Submit typeface design