Jan Fromm
Berlin, Germany

The typefaces of the typography legend Lucas de Groot are still making a mark after thirty years. But it’s not just his designs that leave a lasting impression, through his teaching at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, he has also shaped and influenced many other Designers. One such Designer was Jan Fromm, whose special talent de Groot recognized and who he invited to work alongside him during his studies.

Jan supported LucasFonts with extensive custom font projects and the expansion of the type library. He was also heavily involved in the concept and design of the website. Today, the multidisciplinary designer works freelance on his own fonts, logos, graphic and web projects. He considers type to be a fundamental component of visual communication, as it can convey not only information but also emotions.

His work is characterized by functionality and clarity and a considered reduction to all but that which is essential. His keen eye for detail is evident throughout. Jan is convinced that the harmonious interplay of those details decides on the overall quality.

One of his most interesting jobs is working for 29Letters, the foundry of Pascal Zoghbi. Jan drew and harmonized many of the Latin members and versions of Pascal’s Zarid Superfamily. Jan’s own families Camingo, Komet, Capito and Rooney are also worth mentioning, as they demonstrate his wide ranging stylistic and technical ability. Rooney Sans has been used for over ten years by the largest marketplace for digital fonts, MyFonts.

With the complex type system Nice, the coffee-loving cineaste is publishing a typeface outside his own label for the first time. We are delighted to be joining him on this journey, taking care of the production and distribution of the distribution of the 56-part typeface. Having completed this extensive project, we can attest to Jan’s exceptionally high quality standards—both in terms of design and technology.