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Advise on Font Licensing

Call us crazy, but we LOVE Fonts Licenses and we would be happy to save you time, money and effort in approaching one of the most tricky and uncomfortable topics in this industry.

Education | Training

We are happy to come over personally to cover all or any of the topics listed under Services and share our knowledge in individual workshops and bespoke training courses. We’re also happy with pastries and coffee on the table ; )

Typographic Support for Branding and Design Projects

The app is not yet a roaring success? The conversion rate stagnated? Market research shows poor awareness? It may be due to illegible writing or other typographical problems. For example: did you know that mixed sentences are comprehended approx. 15% faster than uppercase sentences? So a BUY button should perhaps be a Buy button.

Typography and typefaces are our superpower that we want to use for the good: to help our customers and clients succeed.

Foundry Support

We help companies in the type industry, for example foundries or distributors with strategy, product development, sales, e-commerce and marketing.

Calligraphy Workshops

With a Master of Calligraphy as our Type Director, we are delighted to offer workshops for public and private events. Andreas Frohloff has already taught hundreds of people the fine art of beautiful writing. So, if your conference is still looking for something special or your employees need an incentive – we are at your service.

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