With Passion for Lesbian Culture

In May 2019, the Venezuelan Artist Florencia Alvarado, the US Photographer Jeanette Spicer and the Swedish Designer Sara Duell founded the magazine, WMN – A Publication of Lesbian Art and Poetry.

Intimate, combative and passionate

On the motivations for founding the magazine, they said: “We have individually come to identify ourselves as lesbian in different ways and at various times, but found commonality between our love for WMN, and interest in art and representation of marginalized communities.”

The Magazine WMN (read: women) curates and shares the work of people who identify as lesbian, to initiate a discussion around the different terms of identification, and how and why they are used. In doing so, WMN provides, “a much needed space to show the intimacy, struggle, wonder and everything in between, of what it means to be a lesbian in this political climate and time.”

In search of an intimate, combative and passionate typeface for the Magazine, Website and Promotional Materials, they came across Nikolai, the most impulsive typeface in the Fontwerk library, designed by Franziska Weitgruber. During her TypeMedia master studies at the KABK in The Hague, Franziska intensively studied the historical classics by William Morris and Nicolas Jenson, and their wildness fascinated her. She developed her own interpretation, which took a distinctly contemporary direction. The range of the final 24 style family, with varying widths, eccentric italics, ornaments and alternates, makes Nikolai a versatile and confident choice for headlines, posters and editorial projects.

The merchandise and products created by WMN shows how Nikolai performs beautifully when used for Branding and Logo Design, for example, on their WMN DYKE T-Shirt and on the DYKE Handkerchiefs. Nikolai also appears frequently on their Instagram Profile in campaign or new issue announcements.

Try Nikolai

Handkerchiefs for flagging or for decoration, available in different colors; © Sara Duell

The WMN Founders and Journalists Jeanette Spicer, Florencia Alvarado and Sara Duell in their Dyke T-Shirt, which is typeset in Nikolai.

© Florencia Alvarado

Instagram Post for the launch of the 3rd WMN Issue with the title “Taking Space” set in Nikolai.

Instagram Post for the launch of the 2nd WMN Issue with the title “Show Me What You Got” set in Nikolai.